Monday, October 8, 2007


I have departed the normal course.. the normal path so many follow
It is not permanent.
but for the moment i enjoy the moments of peace
the quietness that can enter one's soul when freed from the stresses of life
i find myself lost in the wood..
.. not so far from the path but out of sight none the less
there is a tragedy here..
that I could feel so disconnected from the awe of nature
so alienated from what is good and real..

though i would not choose this if i had a choice,
i must once again swallow my voice and turn back toward that beaten path,
rejoining this life.. already in progress..


Building.. swelling like a tidal wave
intent on washing over everything in its path
with all the force and fury of a tempest
mother nature on a rampage
laying waste
obliterating everything
all succumb to the forces they cannot control