Sunday, March 18, 2007

Times Passes..

time passes and situations change..
realizations come and change perspectives
..sometimes its all about perspective..
i feel lost in the maze of life
unsure about what i want or where i want to be
ever aware that time is slipping by
i have felt burning passions but now i am numb
ambivalent towards my life, my direction.. or lack thereof
discordant thoughts and feelings playing through my head
no purpose in being, no passion for life and love
fallen back into the life i've known
simply existing, but not really living
not truly alive at all
simply pacing off my time
how many steps to the unknown?
discarded by the norms of society, i live as an addict again
addicted to adrenaline, to feeling alive,
by flirting with danger and death

Love is

love is a passion
it consumes us
it drives to aspire to greater things
it is the very nectar of life
but when love leaves us
empty and alone
cold and vacant
then what is left?
what purpose is there?
what reason to be?